Feretec Kft. provides clients with the following services:


- laser cutting of flat sheet, max thickness 20 mm carbon steel

- galvanizing, chrome coating, nickel coating, copper coating and other types of surface processing

- press brake bending with max bending length 4 m

- punching on CNC turret press, max thickness 3 mm carbon steel

- water jet cutting (working area 3 x 1.5m)

- milling and turning services

- welding

- powder coating

- assembly




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Our factories are located in Hungary, Poland and Ukraine (with headquaters located in Budapest, Hungary).


We would be glad to check your requirements and provide from our side best quotation for corresponding services.
Looking for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

Stanless steel subcontract processing: cutting, bending, welding, brushing, polishing etc.

Products from stainless steel:

- Kitchen and laboratory working tables and boxes

- Enclosures and cabinets

- Trolleys

- Doors

- Bins

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